It’s good to know that there are more adults and rational individuals, in Israel other than Michel Warschawski, Gideon Levy — and at least a handful of others. And it’s an interesting question, I think, as to why those who are allegedly so “pious” or “godly” in so many societies of this world, have to ruin it for everyone else? Who was it that said everything in moderation?

I’m not one who is tethered to any particular religious creed or holy book, so vis a vis religion, I don’t personally have to bother with such scriptural or doctrinal questions for myself. But some of those, who are mired in a particular implacable religious orthodoxy, I think, should really do some soul searching for themselves. Of course, being in a faith-oriented straitjacket, I think, inhibits this sort of comprehension, forward thinking/vision, and growth. And moreover live and let live, does not seem to be a tenet — that most of the ultra-religious, use as an aphorism to go by. But even though perhaps, their particular holy book, or body of faith doesn’t teach it; I still dare say that it’s a good piece of wisdom — to abide by — or to conform with.