I hope that the New York Times and other bastions/ministries of “truth” in journalism, aren’t getting a whiff of this. The official conspiracy theory that is being proffered — by the Western proxy forces in Syria — that the Assad regime is now bombing its own people! This is the kind of thinking btw, that will get one firmly implanted into a straitjacket, if one tries to say such things about the United States government! And governments machinating such horrific, and disreputable actions! Whose mind is it that could actually truck in such conspiratorial, debauched, and reprehensible thoughts!!?

Nevertheless, more than likely it was just Salafists, like the ones that the West backed in Libya (to rid themselves of their on again, off again friend Col. Muammar Qaddafi). Not sure what it is, that is going to be the penultimate end to all of this killing; and fomenting chaos/terrorism, and low intensity warfare. But those of us who understand the dastardly, and wicked designs of the Western hegemonic powers, know that it just can’t quite be — at all — good.