Tossing Obamacare, in my opinion, would be the best of all worlds. The fervor of hope and changia blinded so many to the onerous piece of legislation that Obama — and other Wall Street Democrats — were crafting for Cigna, Kaiser, Aetna (and the rest of the vainglorious HMOs). With his commanding officer Rahmbo wrastling up all of the votes, hope and changia, achieved its mission of a belated Christmas present for the vampiric, the treacherous, and the blood-sucking HMO dirt and the scum.

No, America could not become a regular country — like all of the others in the industrialized world — it had to be one where thousands die yearly, because of lack of access to adequate health coverage. In the name of “working within the [broken] employer based system”, Obamacare was the “solution” that “had” to be made. And under the alleged solution — because Obamacare is not universal, thousands will continue to die each year.

So now it turns out that a petrified, reactionary, myopic, and neo-fascist legion of “esteemed” and “illustrious” Supreme Court “justices”, might be the best hope for America/Americans. In order to reopen the debate on why America — cannot have socialized medicine like Great Britain — or a single-payer system as Canada has. And join the rest of the industrialized word, in giving this modicum of human dignity, to all of its citizens!

So fascist Scalia, Alito, Roberts and Thomas onward! Onward and upward I say! Thwart our purveyor of the HMOs (Obama), and a backwards “health” care system — and do it with glee! And reopen this debate on why a nation — that spends more on the military than the rest of the world’s nations combined — cannot make it a birthright of every American, to have the proviso of a requisite level of (lifetime) health coverage. From a twinkle in one’s parents’ eyes, until the very last of each of our days!