Romney is very unlikeable, I think, and he even reminds me of the stiffness of Al Gore. Plus as much as Obama gives off the vibe/air of an aloof affluent professional/nouveau riche-type, Romney is even worse on that, I think. He seems like a guy who has been cloistered in an upper crust world. The same was true of W Bush, but he feigned a “regular guy” hoax more effectively, I think. Romney appears to be a complete failure at these sorts of skills. I couldn’t imagine Romney walking into a working class bar — chatting up the folks, and having a beer (I know that Mormons don’t drink, but I’m conjuring up a vista).

I’ve thought that Obama and Romney are very similar; in fact, so I’ve been taking the dog and pony show view of the whole thing. We seem to be screwn, whether it be tweedlee or tweedledum, or whoever it is. I’ll probably register a protest vote (as usual) for some eminently more qualified, and capable person — probably Dr. Jill Stein.