One look at globalism, I think, is the plan of essentially homogenizing the whole planet. Making everything “safe” for the transnational ruling class to do (unimpeded) transactions. I think that it certainly goes without saying that there are far more draconian places in the world than Libya and Syria. Lets start with potential “humanitarian” interventionism in Saudi Arabia, Burma, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Qatar, etc. Why support those “regime changes” that imperial nations want gone, because they are secular and quasi-socialist?

I think “humanitarian” intervention is a phony concept; anyhow, and I think that this is so, because it seems that it’s a slippery slope. If we could one day get to the most benignly possible war/warfare — and break it down to a science, then maybe we’d have something. But then, of course, we’d be faced with the problem that there aren’t really any altruists in the world.

And in the case of a proxy war; maybe, then it gets even more complicated. Whatever the humanitarian rhetoric, at least one; if not both, just want another domino — or a stuffed boar’s head on the wall. This may be academic for some people, but for its region Syria is relatively progressive (to be some kind of quasi-idyllic state, however, it’s certainly got a long way to go). If we’re concerned for heterodoxy and alternative models (and vexing globalism), perhaps keeping the final secular Arab state around — might be better than having only theocratic “democracies”, theocracies, and profoundly religious Emirates, Kingdoms, and Sheikdoms — as the regional universal norm.

Perhaps global homogenization has been overstated a bit. The map of the Middle East — for whoever are the string-pullers (assuming that there even is a master plan) — seems to be one of sustaining the predominance of religious fervor. The use and misuse of Islamism toward which ever way they’d like to. So one day Islamists take down the Twin Towers, and the next they kill or capture “the mad dog of Tripoli”, or bomb civilian targets in Homs, Damascus, Hama or Aleppo. It’s truly a sordid web that’s woven, all in the name of global hegemonism, keeping the great mass of the people down, and keeping the wealth of the global 1% perennially sustained, unabated, and unencumbered.