I had thought that Americans hated royals/royalty, but the MSM coverage of first the Prince’s wedding, and then the Queen’s jubilee has absolutely befuddled me. These people are like living figurines, with no purpose. Great fodder for the American advertising machine, I guess. Reality TV where nothing occurs, no one makes any significant contribution(s), and ultimately what is proffered is a kind of facily digestible vulgar, sensationalistic and lurid ultra-materialism — is certainly an ode to a particular kind of “royalism”, I think.

Americans may be a very proud lot — as any — who do not live under the thumb of an archaic (and even antediluvian) monarchy, but perhaps there is something in the human condition that piques wide interest in leisurous living, gratuitous otiosity, and ostentatious displays of wealth. Perhaps these are the factors that will always make the British royal family have some degree, or band of interest even within a proud, and decidedly non-monarchical (republican) country.