It’s a shame that any country that is not a vassal of US/NATO must become either a puppet, or a failed state like Libya. The sick people that run America and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (a cold war fossil), are megalomaniacal, and want everyone to fall in line with their global stratagem. Additionally, because of the failed state/imploding state component of their rank and dubious ideology, they appear to be even all the more altogether insane, unhinged, twisted and psychologically frangible. A method to their madness is certainly difficult — in order to piece together — a believable rationalization to their quixotic schemas.

The intervention and destabilization psychoses — of which they are drunk on — mesh “nicely” with the “sound” nexus of inflexible, adamantine, and intransigent economic austerity measures on the home front. I have personally seen and heard speculation of Syria leading to a massive (and perhaps unbefore seen) international conflagration. And with all the imbecility, irrationality, and the wild hubris coming out of Western capitals — at the present — in my humble opinion, this makes a wealth of horse sense. Not only this, but to think otherwise, is nothing other than a virulent, bewildering, and a mystifying case of head-in-the-sandism.

We’re, undoubtedly, beginning to see that bankruptcy has been reached on a multitude of levels. A twinge of grease, a bit a lacquer, and a shot of moonshine — just ain’t going to cut it, anymore. That you have to be really smart, hold all the cards, and have plans B,C through F, is just a fallacy; told to little boys and girls in schoolyards (to make it to “dignified”, “honorable”, “august” and “noble” positions such as the President of the United States). Increasingly, it’s looking as if the global power elite is as dumb as nails. Too bad that’s only a figure of speech, but another one, of course — which might be, at the very least, the least bit useful to us — is, “if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like one [a nail].”