I think that it’s probably safe to say that Willard “Mitt” Romney certainly, won’t be one to go down in the same history books as a Max Weber or Emile Durkheim. Mitt Romney’s blunt statements about the “shiftless” 47%, and how they’d vote for anyone with a ‘D’ next to his (or her) name, definitely won’t win him any bona fides as a rarefied social thinker. More of a philodoxer, really, than any sort of a serious intellectual wit/mastermind. Of course, Mittens is not running to be American’s number one amateur sociologist-in-chief, but these aloof comments, about nearly half of the country; I’d think, would have to hurt him rather markedly, in winning the prized possession — that he is so inadeptly striving for at the polls.

This has been Mitt Romney, though, really since he’s been running for president. Gross antipathy toward anyone who is not from the “blessed” class; combined with wild, unintelligible and, verily, incoherent thoughts. Thoughts about anyone who doesn’t meet the standard of, at least, significant affluence, and/or fairly securely comfortable wealth. Mitt should have known, about this “incorrigible” 47% though, that many of them actually; certainly, do believe in the Horatio Alger-type myths. And many of the flawed tales, shoddy information, and fudged “facts” — and indeed fantastical theorems — offered up by the carnival barkers of the extreme Reich.

Many folks who have no interest in voting for a financier, plutocrat, and asset stripper, will do so; thinking that it’s the rightly, and the “American” thing to do. And so from Mitt’s fantasy 47% — who he doesn’t think much of because their lack of “personal responsibility” — he will absolutely procure many votes. Although, we, of course, know that Mitt probably shattered many lives, in his pernicious and sordid LBO job. And so who knows how many lives he even crushed, and moreover, how many folks he even ushered into this very 47%? And those are the folks who are; certainly, likely to follow the pattern of what Mitt Romney has already prescribed.

The tremendous and really quite wickedly ingenious campaign to have average Americans vote for those who work (solely) for the corporate state, and the plutocratic class — has really been an absolutely, fabulously and a prodigiously impressive success/con job! And so these recalcitrant freeloaders Mitt, at least many of them, will actually vote for you — come Election Day — my man! Perhaps you were just giving some chum to your ultra-elitist limousine set, in this recently uncovered confounding, unhinged and veritably deranged video. The alternative otherwise, for you Mitt, is that you seem pretty ignorant (as to what have been the tactics of the American political right).

This has, of course, included a potent, exceedingly noxious, and destructive campaign. A campaign that has included: AM radio carnival barkers (and self-professed rodeo clowns), Faux News propaganda channel, identifying your political party with religiosity and religious faith, and much else. These weapons of mental mass destruction, will send many of the “indolent” 47% paradoxically voting for you, come this November 6th! And if or when you deprive these folks, who have voted for you, of their “entitlements” and “hand-outs”; I sincerely hope that they dust off their torches and their rifles and their pitchforks, Mitt. And moreover, I sincerely hope that they come after you, my man. And furthermore that they, in fact, come gunning for you Mitt!