Reuters had an interesting headline recently, and it said: Al Qaeda Grows Powerful in Syria as Endgame Nears. The mercenaries coming into Syria are veterans of the Libya, Iraq, and other war theaters. They are coming from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Chechnya, and elsewhere. They are Sunni fundamentalists. Syrian society is largely Sunni — not necessarily the Salafi/Wahhabi/Al Qaeda stripe though. Which is often linked to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the petro-monarchies, and the greasy oil money of the Gulf countries. I don’t suspect many Alawites, Druze, and Christians support the US/Western-backed Islamists/Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda is our multi-purpose salve, it is much like a geopolitical cure-all, resin, crazy glue and/or duct tape. Allegedly taking down our buildings and erecting a police state here — shredding civil liberties — meanwhile “freeing” peoples against leaders, that are not amongst our hand-chosen Western marionettes/stooglings. (Freeing is, of course, in quotes just in case anyone can recall draconian Taliban ruled Central Asia.) And so, what a brilliant concept this Al Qaeda is indeed! If this Al Qaeda didn’t exist, our nefarious ruling class even surely would have invented it! Which is a theory; in fact, that a great many serious people give a significant degree of regard to.