Remember in this New Year to send out prayers and good thoughts into the universe for President Hugo Chavez. The imperialist devils have wanted him gone for 12 plus years, and now it only remains in the hands of eminently capable Cuban doctors. And moreover, forces such as God and the higher powers — if you at all believe in them. Whilst Obama drone bombs children, and supports radical Muslim extremists — exactly like those we are alleged to be against in the Global War on Terrorism — no doubt his deep loathing remains for a man: who has brought real hope, real change, a way out of poverty, opportunism, and optimism for so many. Even in the face of bellicose imperialist devils, as I aforementioned, who believe that the Monroe Doctrine entitles them to think that their neighbors to the South are like little children! (And Obama has unequivocally been amongst the worst in this regard, despite having a markedly different appearance than any and all of his past or recent predecessors.)

It has probably been Presidente Chavez’s spine, and his determination, that has so rankled his “magisterial” would-be overlords. Even more so than a humane/human-based, and pretty largely disparate ideology. And so pray for the latest of them: the Grand Obama. Pray for poor old Obama’s soul too! Why don’t you!!? I don’t personally, follow any particular faith tradition, but I’m well aware of the spiritual teaching, that is advised to a great many folks — which is to say love one’s enemies. Or like the Buddha had so effectively put it, “I should be like the sun, shining universally on all without seeking thanks or reward, able to take care of all sentient beings even if they are bad.”