I guess that lying to a coequal branch of government and radical violations of the Constitution are considered assets of bipartisanship for John Brennan. Obama’s appointee to be the next Central Intelligence Director. Oceania papers make quite interesting reading these days.

From January 7th’s Wall Street Journal, “That careful navigation from a Republican to Democratic administration speaks to what colleagues say is an apolitical approach to his work, but it also has sown distrust among some members of both parties. On Monday, civil-liberties groups raised concerns about his role in Bush administration counterterrorism programs and the Obama administration’s drone program, while Republicans questioned his forthrightness with Congress.”

Actually I guess the Rethugs just seized on the lying to a coequal branch of government cause the “law” of the state of nature is fine by them. They’ve got to find some bone to pick with the guy; though, to keep up the ruse of a so-called adversarial system.

If I’m right this is a sordid Washington trick that we’re seeing again and again. Somebody gets denied one position then stuck someplace else for awhile, only to come back to that treasured position. I really hope the batshit, irascible, warhawk, paramour of African despots Susan Rice doesn’t go to National Security Advisor then get her dream of Secretary of State one day. She’s about as diplomatic as Adam’s Apple Coulter. Thank God we haven’t seen the execrable Dennis Ross come back in any significant role, to my knowledge. (With the appointment of Hagel it seems like Obama’s moving away from that type — the fealty to Israel-type.)

From the same article, “Mr. Brennan, 57 years old, was named to the CIA job four years after he withdrew his name from consideration for the post at the outset of Mr. Obama’s first term. At the time, he had come under heavy criticism from liberals for what they thought was his responsibility for the Bush administration’s enhanced interrogation of terror suspects, including tactics such as waterboarding. Mr. Brennan and his colleagues at the time say he played no role in the program.”