The Congo’s not disarmed, but I’d think that it’s none too safe there. Comparing a third world with a first world society just doesn’t add up IMO. The rule of law, and the level of corruption are like apples and oranges. Both Mexico and the Congo have significant issues with the central government having any sway at all in large pockets of the country. You look at Japan, it doesn’t have guns, in 2008 it had 11 murders.

In fact, a tool of U$terrorism is to get guns into third world countries (mainly Africa). Knowing full well the endgame will be a failed state, or some kind armed authoritarian benighted clique eventually seizing the government. You know, the kind that lops the hands off of people. But will probably sell the West resources at a better rate than a Nasser would — or that type of leader.

With the rhetoric we’re seeing now in America I’d think we may be close to a second Civil War. I was never born to think that I’d live in a failed state, combat zone, or see things like the military mass slaughtering citizen militias (IMO these citizen militias would be like ducks in a pond to our military, it would be Cambodian-esque).

I think sensible gun control measures are a better way to go. The second amendment was really about militias, and having Americans prepared for an invading nation/empire. The second amendment clearly states the legality of guns in conjunction with well-regulated militias — which have gone the way of the Dodo bird. And I think our professional military today can handle any invasions. In fact, our taxpayer dollars go to defending South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, all sorts of nations around the world that have nothing to do — with the military that we should have — solely for the defense of our national borders.