The al-Assad regime has been attacked, scurrilously ridiculed, and impugned from every angle. The status of the Golan Heights; however, has been largely mysteriously missing from Western press, US media, and overall discourse. Under international law this region is still considered to be the property of Syria — though it was militarily seized back in 1967 by the Israeli state. One can only imagine if say North Dakota had been militarily seized by Canada, and what Americans should think of their northern neighbors if the North Dakotans were perpetually kept under a nebulous, and illegal occupation status/regime.

It’s bad enough that the “freedom fighters” against Assad — and the role of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the West — has only been able to be gleaned by reading the extreme margins of the “mainstream” press. A good percentage of which; in fact, view their “democracy”, as identical to the sort of divine caliphate, as envisioned by Osama Bin Laden himself.  But Syria’s belligerent neighbor, and its hold to its rightful territory, to my knowledge, has not even been addressed by the MSM virtually at all. And moreover, Israel is currently building a “border” fence between the Golan Heights of Syria, and the rest of the country. Israel’s phony claim of the “only Middle Eastern democracy” has long been good for a chortle/belly laugh; however, taking into consideration the occupation of the nation of Palestine — its illegal occupation of the Golan Heights of Syria, only further waters down this oft-repeated flimsy, tenuous, amorphous, and indeed fully erroneous charge.