Robert Reich has an interesting column from Friday. Unfortunately, another way of looking at the crux of his arguments, is that it makes the culling of the herd theories not seem so trite. I don’t necessarily believe those theories; I mean actually I don’t. But it does seem as if an agenda to “thirdworldize” America has been afoot for some time now. After all the third world should have been developed by now, according to intellectual production going back to the 1950s, and perhaps even earlier. Maybe the global elites have said instead let’s drive everyone down to that state. The evidence, I think, suggests as much.

Reich is putting forward Henry Ford-esque economics; I’d say, which American business has long ago thrown away. Low-paid flexible wage slaves, is what they get a major jones over today — and that’s it! An additional point is: the right-wing is phony on this government are not real jobs stuff. They are military Keynesians. Butter be damned they are mad about guns, in a plethora of ways of which we more than acutely understand!