The American Christian right, which cannot understand the Holy Bible, is now jubilant today over the death of Hugo Chavez. Their leader taught them to love one’s enemies, in fact, he taught them to love everyone; instead, those of us who have to suffer in a nation with these obtuse — and virulently stupid and ignorant people — know what constitutes their character, or lack thereof, without fail though. These people would have us living in a theocratic state like that of Saudi Arabia, if these lunkheads had their first and foremost choice, after all.

Chavez himself told Larry King that he loved Jesus Christ, was an altar boy as a youth, and Chavez was, of course, a Roman Catholic. The radical anti-Christiandom from the American hard right is nothing new, for certainty. These people wouldn’t know the message of the Prince of Peace if it hit them upside the head. Their message in this humble observer’s opinion is more akin, to that of the aforementioned pacific Prince’s mortal adversary, though. Leading one to wonder if there is something more to all of the scandals, corruption, and malfeasance that has been evidenced over the years by televangelists, megachurch leaders, prominent Evangelicals — and purported staunch pious believers in the teachings and the message of their: savior, redeemer and Son of Man.