My great grandfather was not a religious person, he was secular, in fact. Although, he was an very ethical person, however. According to what my grandmother tells me, he had a chance to abet in a bootlegging operation back in the “grand old days” of the prohibition. He passed on this offer/chance though. As I had said, he was an ethical man. My great grandmother was; however, very religious. My grandmother has told me that she volunteered, and spent a lot of her time volunteering and helping out with the church. Maybe that’s why my great aunt was such a holy roller then, her mother being such a woman of the church. Myself I am an agnostic. To be Christian in America today seems to me to be working for the other side. No I’m not a true believer in the good book, for surely. I’m Dionysian, I guess. But what can (or should) I really do about it? I guess I’ve just been this way (Dionysian) since birth.

But then again, as I said, to be Christian today — in America — seems like one is not working on behalf of the Good Lord Jesus Christ.