In The Americans one of the Russian spies says to his wife, “This country doesn’t make socialists.” Well it made me though. Actually I’m not a full blown pinko/commie, but a social democrat. Maybe it’s the centerless, purposeless suburbs, with cookie cutter row housing. Maybe it’s the shopping malls overloaded to the gills with all kinds of junk, that people just don’t need. Maybe it’s because my father was a Vietnam combat veteran and drank too much. Maybe it’s because if you weren’t in the “in crowd” in school you were a geek or a dweeb. Maybe it’s because I’ve worn glasses since the fourth grade. Maybe it’s because America isn’t what it propagandizes to its youth in the government — as well as parochial and other — schools. Maybe because hamburgers, and big box retailers seem to be this country’s main “manfactures” of today (save war). Maybe it’s because the Cold War actually gave us our raison d’etre, and now I’m left wondering what’s all of this consumerism, materialism, imperialism, and dog-eat-dog actually really all for?

I heard Charlie Sheen say, “What do you do when you’ve bought everything that is there to buy?” And what will we do when we’ve with warred with everyone that there is to war? Oh contraire Matthew Rhys, America does make socialists. It made me!