My grandmother tells me that it was the Italians who built the railroad, and here I am thinking that it was the Chinese. Whoever built it was slavedrived, and rather vigorously; resolutely, the uber-capitalist way to be. Today there’s much talk that maybe the slavedriving won’t go on for that much more. I hear that over there in China they’ve even got robot waitresses. I used to think that for real existing socialism that it was the machines that could liberate us from all of the grunt work, but now we’ve got all of these short wave radio yakkers — and that ilk — talkin’ about the expendability of all of us the little people, the proverbial 99%. You’d think that the elite would want some of us around to do the menial jobs at resort towns, and major megametropolises (and such), but one never knows. As I said, it appears imminent that the robots will be capable of doing this sort of work. So then if a stopped clock is twice times right per day, so maybe then the Alex Joneses, and the other shortwave radio neo-Bill Coopers of today can be then also too, I guess.