Call me old-fashioned, but I say that the center must hold. A historian that I am aware of, who also has a keen interest in philosophy says that postmodern theory is “wild”. And I’d say that I have to concur. No progressive or revolutionary praxis comes out of postmodern theory — that I’ve seen, or am aware of. It’s fine for intellectual masturbation, and that sort of thing — if that’s your cup of tea — but beyond that, I don’t really see the point of the thing. I heard that in the uprisings of Paris, France in May of ‘68 that the gendarmes would ask those in resistance have you read Anti-Oedipus? But I have to say today that I just don’t think that it’s a staple book, that the insurrectionists of today must have as a prerequisite to read.

Perhaps I should say that I’ve never read it — cover to cover — isn’t it kind of like In Search of Lost Time, anyway though to read?