I think that I must face it, I am a glass half empty person. And although I do see some reason for optimism; I have to admit that I see a lot of barbarity too. Like a regime such as Israel that is fully backed in its diabolical/entirely unsavory, and even demonic campaigns against the Palestinians; as unwaveringly by the “chosen one” Obama, as the execrable dim son George W. Bush. And I guess that during an economic downturn so many of the problems of America, just become the ever-present realities of the human condition/normal state. Like homelessness, urban blight, inequality, political corruption, and societal wide graft. The same people that sent men to the Moon, cannot even address our most basic dark marks, in fact. Socialism or barbarism indeed, during a non-economic boom time of capitalism, methinks that the landscape of America, is a deeply dark one without an indeterminate (or a questioning) thought.

And the fervor with which some segments hold — like a death grip — to their gun stocks, whilst at the same time many of these same folks, are apoplectic over the inception and the inauguration of a national health program. Not that Obamacare is one, and so there are many reasons to be apoplectic about such a shoddy, wholly inadequate, self-interestedly “crafted” private insurance written/driven boondoggle/piece of iniquitous legislation. My apprehension, however, is many of these same people would be in hysterics over Medicare-for-all just as well though too.

Nevertheless, the reality is that a gun is more of a right than human life in America, or so it would seem. So tell me then what is the reason for one, to be a glass half overflowing person in America? Particularly in Obama’s Great Recession America, where not every ill that plagues society can any longer be based upon the cretinism, myopia, obtuseness, braggadocio and swashbuckling of one radically unmannerly, and deeply uncouth uber-elitist numbskull George W. Bush! And his neoconservative “brain trust”: a rapacious, and ill-constructed (and indeed ill-conceived), haughty, vainglorious, and chutzpah-driven group, that failed in virtually every malevolent, and non-beneficient task that it conceived of!

Nevertheless, the man who said that the rumors were untrue of his manger birthing, certainly cannot any longer find many buyers of such talk, throughout the nation that he is ostensibly “at the helm of”. Often led by the hand of special interest groups, monied elites, the Israel lobby or other dark-hearted, baleful, shortsighted — malicious and Machiavellian avaricious cliques. Hope doesn’t spring eternal with leadership like this, the over-exuberance of a man/demigod/panacea is not reaping the dividends of the handlers who had orchestrated — and who were behind — such a gaudy, sensationalistic, pizzazz-filled, and yet ultimately barren tack.