My aunt finished sixth in her class in Greenwich, Connecticut High School. She was the apple of my granddaddy’s eye. She married an affluent man, and had two sons with him — who she didn’t raise (he did). My aunt remarried a man who my parents just consistently viewed as a bum. I remember one time they were at one of my grandparents’ houses that they weren’t using at the time. Running up massive phone bills via collect calls; calling all of their “deadbeat” friends. Or at least that’s what my parents told me, that’s the side of the story that I got.

The last I heard of my aunt, she was teaching English of all things in South Korea. I’ve heard that she also may have become a born again Christian. Ah, the journeys we humans — as individuals — embark upon in life. The last I heard she is back with that “bum husband”, as I recall, they were divorced. So I must say that I’m wholly ignorant, as to what is the nature of their current marital/matrimonial status.