At a recent anti-austerity rally in DC, Howard Dean’s brother Jim Dean, took it to the New Democratic right-of-center presidents. Dean pronounced that the era of triangulation is over! Referring to Bill Clinton’s notorious practice of positioning himself halfway between congressional Republicans, and congressional Democrats in order to advance his own views. This was actually a maleficent and wholly disreputable strategy, concocted by the ne’er-do-well and former Fox (Faux News) contributor, and so-called political aficionado — who had advised Bill Clinton — Dick Morris.

This is a marvelous statement by Jim Dean, taking aim — dead center — at the now defunct, and profoundly regressionary Democratic Leadership Council! Whose ignoble goal was essentially to make the Democratic Party a libertarian party (economically), but support alternative lifestyle choices, and social measures that would rankle the Christian right. Some, if not all, of both the former, and the latter are good, but the agenda of infusing Chicago School economics into the party of William Jennings Bryan, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Lyndon Baines Johnson just seems — in this humble observer’s opinion — absolutely ridiculous/absurd!

Still as Clinton attacked (and ended) welfare; Obama is taking a knife to/shivving the social safety net today! The Democratic Leadership Council actually has folded — there is a thinktank that remains loyal to many of its deeply malevolent ideals — but IMO it folded (sadly), because of the great success that it had achieved! Its existence had became superfluous, and so thusly it was simply no longer necessary to the “cause”. Anyways, it had achieved its ignominious goals of having purveyors, and indeed a plethora of profferers of its disreputable designs: in the Congress, in the White House, and in the Senate.

With Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama we; unequivocally, have some mainly plutocratic, oligarchical interests having (virtually an entire) stranglehold over the Democrats! Jim Dean’s recent declaration is rather heartening, and so let us vigorously hope that Obama has extended his vacuous charisma too far this time. And moreover, let us hope that this latest ill-begotten effort, will sink his approval — even amongst his most loyal diehards — with Herculean strength/appeal!