I’ve been thinking about the philosophy of atheistic materialism recently, and maybe it’s because I would say that I am a humanist agnostic. Though I’m a spiritual agnostic, I simply think religion is no better than mythology — a lot has been found to be true in mythological texts. I’ve never seen being a conspiracy theorist as contradictory to humanism, but maybe it is; I was just reading/going over some stuff on humanism.

Gore Vidal was called a conspiracy theorist (you can read on Wiki a number of things that he posited that fall into the realm of conspiracy), and he was the honorary president of the American Humanist Association in 2009. August Comte, the founder of sociology, is seen a forerunner of humanism, but he promoted a practice similar to ancestor veneration, as is practiced by many of the Chinese. According to Wiki, he is sometimes regarded as the first philosopher of science, in the modern sense of the term.

Carl Sagan I guess said that humanity must seek for truth through reason, and the best observable evidence. Sagan also forwarded that humanity endorse scientific skepticism, and the scientific method. According to Wiki he identified as a humanist. I’d put him in the atheistic materialist camp, myself. I guess that atheistic materialists also identify as humanists.

I think that although — to my knowledge — no 2012 prophecy occurred, that we’re moving into a world breaking down these static barriers, though. Instead of black and white, conspiracy or official story we’ll be looking at things: mosaicly, pluralistically, and more fluidly. Liberal radio host, Mike Malloy identifies as an atheist materialist, and he supports 9/11 Truth (I don’t know his precise views on those events) — and is also a conspiracy theorist on the JFK assassination. I don’t know what that means, he is just someone in the public eye, who is not like a Michael Shermer (or some such), who must go to the ends of the Earth to deny that any conspiracies have — or could ever — exist/occur. Which in this humble observer’s opinion is a good way to live.

I think that to be a true evidenced based person, one must accept that cover-ups, false flag attacks, and the like can obviously occur. And this is to seek for truth through reason and the best observable evidence, in fact! To not accept this veracity I certainly do not think is to embrace true, accurate, and indeed wholly genuine scientific skepticism.