John McCain met with Takfiri scum, when he was just in Syria. Are these the “moderate elements” that John McCain would have the full force of NATO, and the US government getting behind? And what kind of “democracy” could be led by these Takfiri rats? Surely, nothing but warlordism/failed statism could be wrought, by working with such ignoble trash.

In particular, McCain met with a Takfiri Salafi by the name of Mohammad Nour, a man infamously known for his involvement in the kidnapping of peaceable Shia pilgrims. Two of these Lebanese pilgrims have been released, whilst nine are still in the custody of something known as the “Northern Storm Brigade”. Salafis, such as this disreputable individual Nour, have taken over areas, and it has actually spawned nationalism/nostalgia for Assad! And fortunately, the people in such areas (in many instances), have even been able to drive these benighted warriors out.

What I hear from Syria is that whatever Syrians think of Assad, that the majority of Syrians respect the military. They see the military as protecting sanity, at least, if nothing else. As opposed to what the Salafi/Takfiri scum bring when they bring their uncouth/crass/murderous methods into one’s town! The Salafis and Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra are probably more brutal (that US allies KSA and Qatar are funding) — than whatever Assad’s faults are — when they take over a region. And additionally, they may also want to kill Christians, Shia/Alawites, and Druze too. One can clearly see I think then, the guts of this long hard slog for NATO to put in either a failed state — or a regent servile to them, in the Arab Nationalist Republic of Syria.