The patrician blue blood Secretary of State John Kerry was only just over in the Middle East, offering up 4 billions dollars to the Palestinians. As a young man Netanyahu said, that there was already a Palestinian state, and that it was in fact Jordan. I sincerely think that he still believes this today. And so, clearly without stopping the policy of coddling/two-stepping in lockstep with Israel, this money has no purpose! Particularly, in considering that the occupation, and the settlements are; of course, (under international law) illegal.

The Obama government has acted as if they have a rational actor in Netanyahu. That’s why their attempts at Middle Eastern peace efforts have been feckless. Of course, with the Obama administration heavily weighted towards the Zionists, what sort of peace deal should the Palestinians really expect? A Middle East peace — even if a shoddy one/in name only, I think that Obama would like as a part of his record! Something for Barry to hang upon the mantle (that will live in perpetuity), albeit if it has the value of a three dollar bill, a dubiously forged Honus Wagner tobacco card, a shoddy phony Rembrandt, or a counterfeit Mona Lisa.