I’ve been following this, and in my opinion it is hard to figure out precisely what is going on. I had thought Brazil had a fairly good government — at least better than ours. Lula did disappoint many progressives (in fact Chavez’s opponent in his last election put himself in Lulismo garb though I do not believe that was genuine), but he served two terms (Lula) — put in place some initiatives to lift a large swathe of the population out of abject poverty — and his preferred successor Dilma Rousseff then superseded him as well! She had an immensely positive public opinion rating last I had known. It had been 60-70% last I knew, although I assume it’s quite a bit lower now.

There have been issues that have plagued Brazilian society pre-Lula, and Rousseff that I think are coming to a head here. Of course, they didn’t fix them, or at least they didn’t fix them in their entirety! I don’t know who made the deals for the World Cup and the Olympics to come to Brazil. It doesn’t seem that many Brazilians; however, who experience ample taxes (for insufficient services not commensurate with these aforementioned taxes that they pay), shoddy education, high bus fares, and a falling health system, really care to see so much money and effort exerted towards bread and circuses/games! Like in our own country — we are so committed to our (deleterious) empire — whilst a myriad of problems consistently exist here. In summation, it’s to put the cart before the horse anyway, I think, for sure!