I think this is very interesting, the kind of thing that our MSM doesn’t show. Haitians overjoyed that Nicolas Maduro is visiting Haiti — with pro-Maduro and Chavez posters. It’s interesting I don’t know that much about Haitian President Martelly. He was anti-Aristide, but has gotten along with both Chavez and Maduro. I don’t understand Haiti that well, but Aristide’s — ousted by a US-backed coup, of course, exiled to South Africa for a while and now again living in his native Haiti — party is still by far the most popular Haitian Party. Since the coup his party has not been able to run in the elections (Fanmi Lavalas). The Haitian elite has machinated so that Fanmi Lavalas cannot even field a candidate! I don’t speak French/Creole, but still worth viewing though, I think.

Chavez was very fond of Haiti, I think Haiti aided Venezuela in a key time in its history when they were fighting Spain for their independence. I believe that this visit took place on Tuesday, June 25th.