In my opinion by watching RT, France 24, BBC, US MSM, Press TV, Telesur you can be see the slant coming from all perspectives. I don’t trust any of them, and so thusly that is why I have to watch all of them! Actually I don’t watch France 24 or read/watch BBC (but I have to some extent in the past). Throughout the Western media the same slants are being perpetrated, generally, I think.

In North America the McClatchy newspapers and the Globe and Mail are the best newspapers IMO. I read such rags of imperialism/neoliberalism as Wapo, the New York Times and the LA Times additionally. I can’t stomach any US conservative media. The conservative Western publication that I read the most is the Daily Telegraph of Britain. I also read the Guardian quite a bit in Great Britain too. I used to read the Independent more, but they’ve limited their (formerly) free readership to five or ten articles per month, I think. I used to read Haaretz of Israel more, but they’ve limited their free monthly readership as well. In truth, I don’t read the Globe and Mail that much — anymore also, because they’ve done the same that Haaretz and the Independent have.

There are still plenty of non-paywall publications IMO, to not have to pay for any media. I learned in school that the paper is so cheap because all of the advertising essentially pays for your paper! In our brave new world, I guess that ain’t so anymore. I haven’t been hearing about the papers being trouble for a while now. So that’s good then, I think. Although, I don’t know how much worthwhile news/non-infotainment that the MSM is breaking! To be left with only Hearst, Moonie, and Murdoch yellow journalism papers, would lead to a whole tremendous, gargantuan and leviathan heap of trouble however, I’d say!