The neoncon’s favorite general looks like he landed himself, in his post-Broadwell life, a plum job. The bloom is off the rose on this guy’s “family values” Republican credentials. Not that “family values” Republicans ever had any kind of ethics when it comes to that or anything else! Anways, why doesn’t he go to Harvard or Yale for a cush job like this!!? To rip off the CUNY system in this way, is simply incredible in the treachery (and no other way to put it immorality) of it all!

The old boys’/insiders’ network should be able to land him this type of plum job at a university for the wealthy and the affluent like Harvard (or some such) — with a gargantuan tuition — and a massive endowment! The immorality of people who will loot government entities designed to serve middle class — as well as folks with less means, has always astounded/astonished me! The perfidy and absolute villainy of such people absolutely beggars belief! Then again, when it comes to the neocons’ favorite general, is there any sort of malignancy or unscrupulousness; that one could commit, that should be virtually impossible to believe!