Foreign Policy magazine reported yesterday that in 1988 the United States supported Saddam Hussein in gassing Iran. Someone should surely CC the reprehensible Secretary of State, and Skull and Bonesman John Kerry. About a moral obscenity such as that! As Martin Luther King said — whose march will be commemorated tomorrow — the greatest purveyor of violence in this world is the United States of America. And so thusly, to send the greatest purveyor of violence in to “restore peace”, or “establish democracy” (which former President Carter says that we don’t have) surely is counterintuitive, I think. And moreover, does not meet the smell test, and furthermore does not sound like a “capable surgeon” will, indeed, be completing the task.

It was the “deep moral principle” of not losing, that ostensibly motivated the detestable President Reagan to make such an unethical, and Machiavellian calculation! With a “moral authority” such as this leading any charge, we have to wonder; for sure, how such a “moral authority”, indeed, has the chutzpah to call itself moral at all.