With Skull and Bonesman John Forbes Kerry at Secretary of State, and Obama’s coterie of “humanitarian” interventionist hawks, circling like blood discovering great white sharks (or piranhas), around our dearest president. It’s a wonder that the bombs aren’t already dropping in the Arab Republic of Syria. Nonplussed by the Islamist, Al-Qaeda, and otherwise jihadist ranks, that are rallying against the government in Syria, which according to the reputable Jane’s Review represent nearly half of all of the opposition forces to the Assad government; the West (if by the West we mean solely the United States and the French Fifth Republic this time around) still appears to be chomping at the bit for more “obligatory” war, and further “critical” national destruction. And so unequivocally, this begs the question if “non-moderate” elements can be sidelined in post-Western intervention Syria — no-fly zone or not — where chaos could certainly potentially reign, for a good deal of a while thereafter.

And indeed Libya, like Iraq, is certainly another case in point that has exhibited no singing tomorrows, and exuberant galas that are imbued with sweets and roses, at the prospect of the end of the Qaddafi-led Al-Jamahiriya revolution. A revolution rather unceremoniously 86’d in favor of a weakened central state government (of which had provided the highest standard of living in all of Africa). And moreover, Islamist vigilantes — and even lesser ethical groupings — currently roam the country which; of course, can hardly register any positive points in favor of a stellar, and worthwhile victory in that nation.

The West unabated, however, looks poised to continue on in seemingly uber-adventurist, and indeed George W. Bushian “cowboy-esque” escapades and machinations. Under the deleterious yet debonair Obama who, unequivocally, hails from America’s illustrious Second City, and not the wilds and hinterlands of the Texas countryside where rolling in the muck, mire, mud, pig droppings, earth and hay with rural dogs — as well as engaging in the “high falutin'” praxis of clearing brush — suffice as more than palatable (and indeed quite pleasing and immensely satisfactory) joyous entertainment! Not to revert from the main crux of the argument here though, America seems to be of the mindset to simply “get the baddy/baddies out”, and be damned with what will happen — in the aftermath — to a given nation’s people! And so it’s still, “don’t mess with Texas!” for certainty, although now of course we’ve got a president from the South Side of Chicago.

And not to mention culture, infrastructure and the positive elements that have pre-existed NATO/US bombings in these countries! Indeed, that is to say countries that the US has been wantonly, and enthusiastically bombing, since the advent of the Bush and Obama cliques! Nations that have built up development, whether it be the Western ideal of it or not. And moreover, oft-times in cases of illicit aggression — the “exceptional superpower”, has even inveigled so-called coalition of the willing countries into partaking in its: ill-conceived, ill-begotten, and indeed ill-drawn up diabolical machinations, ungrounded fantasies, naive/child-like ambitions/delusions, and “just” wars! But as is often said if the thing that one has a track record/experience in — or is adept in the use of — is a hammer then, in that case, apparently everything looks like a nail! And furthermore, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it is another idiom that, I think, could clearly be applicable in this case too! Although, one that the Pentagon and “humanitarian” interventionists — and others — circling around (and indeed cozying up to) President Obama don’t seem willing, or able to take sincerely to heart or mind at all!

A profound reassessment of this have hammer, use as if (virtually always) hitting a nail strategy, seems certain to be in need of review: to deeply drill down sufficiently into the roots, origins and impetus of such autistic thinking! In fact, this is so in order to determine if this bellicose strategy is being used in the laundry list/palate of war and peace options immensely more so, unequivocally, then it rightly should be. This type of reflection upon imperialist/hegemonical policy seems few and far between, and indeed should take a great rising up by the 99%, or aggressive campaign of the common people. More still it should take the welling up of the masses against the incorrigible elitist warmongers, and their military-industrial complex backers from reverting back — seemingly reflexively again and again — to this facile, markedly execrable, as well as undeniably ill-thought out, and eminently reckless policy/program! As the old Marvin Gaye song goes, “War is not answer.” Or how about the wisdom of an insightful activist patch that originated in the 1960s, “War is not healthy for children and other living things.”

War may make “good business” for some, but the collateral damage that ensues with each and every strike should ineluctably haunt these warmongers — assuming they are like most else and have consciences (which is unequivocally up for grabs/debate/deliberation!) — each and every hour, and for the rest of their days. Even Nobel Peace Prize winning/festooned warmongers, I dare say, shall not be free from such hauntings! And that is for certainty, if anything like karma (or what goes around comes around) should exist; I’d say, that in fact it will be the case, absolutely, without any doubt, ambiguity, misgiving, conjecture, guesswork or incredulity also.