My aunt was calling for money again. She said that social services was beneath her, but she didn’t mind taking a handout, from any other old source or individual (for that matter) that was providin’ it. It sure ain’t pulling oneself up by your bootstraps, but it ain’t exactly suckling at the government tit either too! It’s sort of a gray area between the two of ’em, methinks. Well anyways, that’s all for moot courts, and elementary that’s just the way things was with my kinfolk — don’t give yourself no bother about it. As the old saying goes one needs to procure oneself a license for fishing, but making up one’s own brood — and procreating — their ain’t no statutory strictures, and rules and regulations for that!

No sirree on that one, my good citizen! And some say there’s a mass culling a comin’ (nearing) down the pike! I’d not wager a dime, a bitcoin, or a loonie on that one for sure, though, I’d say! In fact, all it is is just fodder. Fodder for all of them selling: food rations, and gold bars and water filtration systems, energy potions, rocket stoves, other variegated contingency goods and the like!