Killing towelheads was fun, it wasn’t the Ruskies that got us this time, but the Haji scum. Because America is an exceptional nation, we don’t really have to ever worry about if we are in the right or not — God looks down on us with ample pride. And our august president, Barack Obama — like George W. Bush before him — says the same. Germany was once also an exceptional nation, but thanks to (mainly) the Red Army it ended that time. America would never be like Germany back then; however, because we’ve got democracy and human rights and civil liberties and such, and so that’s just a non-starter just the same. You’ll see that Guantanamo will be closed soon one day, the drone bombing of innocents correspondingly as well, and the Stasi/Oceania-esque surveillance state ditto withal. Yeah, because that’s what lies in the rub of American exceptionalism!

And so with God, history, wealth, openness, liberality, and overall genuine high moral (as well as ethical) principles all on our side; what could possibly go awry in an equation such as this? Thanks, for certainty, that we’re blessed like this and that only our Holy Father and creator has deigned to make us — of sound mind — and this way!