Pop culture is simply a collection of dilettantes. Dilettantes who may be wearing couture mind you but dilettantes, none the same. Once in a while it seems as though a celebutard will intermix/intermingle with a refined actor, but the yellow journalism machine — for the most part — needs no one of genuine, capability earned, renown. Reality TV is simply a horrid, sordid, horrible spectacle of gargantuan dilettantism — and that is being kind! The line for the lottery of trainwreckism (and one’s fifteen minutes) is essentially perpetually forming, and seemingly as long as the sands of time! Indeed, Father Time must look down upon America in horror, envisaging such a line! Wouldn’t one surmise! With so many paragons of history of America, this phenomena is certainly one of the “great” nadirs of American history of all time!