This was an excellent article about a writer, Niels Gerson Lohman, who was sent back to Canada. I personally have had more problems with the Canadian border people. I was detained at the Canadian border for like 4-6 hours one time. The Canadian border people had no sense of humor at all, weren’t hospitable at all. And they essentially tore apart my friend’s car. My comrades and I naively thought we might actually be allowed to enter, after all of this vexing/deplorable ordeal! While all of this happened, I got the same feeling that I got from reading the writer’s article (that he might have actually been able to go on his way after being harassed). After the hours detained there, and the callous bureaucratic treatment, we were told we would not be allowed into the lovely land of the maple leaf.

I think more Canadians have been mistreated than Americans — at the border, just from talking to people. But I’ve got a rotten story to tell about the Canadian Border Services. For such a well-traveled guy, Niels didn’t seem to have a very strong constitution. But as I said when put into the “capable” hands of insentient, callous, and unfeeling bureaucratic authorities that ain’t no easy thing! Independent journalist Andre Vltchek has an interesting story to tell about being roughed up a bit, whilst at an airport in Djibouti.