Hopefully Yoda’s, Andrew Marshall of the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA), going to have to abscond to a dank cave in the swampy environs of a far away and remote planet! Apparently, Rumsfeld really dug that last AirSea Battle prognostication though!

For those who may not be up on all of the neocon uber-hawk/warmonger scuttlebutt, Yoda’s just this old/antediluvian cold warrior cum neocon creature — whose department funding is under fire. Rummy says this kind of Strangelovian stuff, in today’s world, is still a total and absolute necessity! Yoda probably schooled Rummy, back in the day, in the dark arts (or the force lol, if you like) of warnikism! So Rummy’s word is about as good as a slug on this, I’d say. Not that his word is gold on most — if any — substantive stuff, nevertheless anyway.