“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

Since the inception of the Google Plus thing the neo-Nazis, fascists, and bigots I don’t really any longer see on Youtube. Which it hardly heartened me to see, but that the First Amendment was practiced — or something close to it at least — was good IMO. I would fight with them, insult them, tell ’em they were brain-dead from time to time. Usually ignore them, of course, though, and instead choosing better things to do with my time. And so now, there’s mainly the Paultards — who I still see a bit, to do that with at the present stage.

For certainty, people have been banned from forums and/or sites for simply not following the party line, or the groupthink places probably since the inception of the Internet. As I said that the First Amendment wasn’t being run roughshod over on Youtube was a positive, though. That’s now ended now, however, as I stated, and I don’t know if the First Amendment goes into the calculus pretty much anywhere — at all — any longer on the ‘net!

Silencing dissent is definitely a component of this also too, I think. The new Youtube is supposed to be a circle jerk basically where you see, and solely (or mostly) interact with those with which one is interconnected/intertwined. I happen to have liked the clusterfuck of it all, that it once was though! However schizophrenic/scattershot that it might have been! Unequivocally, there were many A-holes and a lot of seemingly miserable people for sure — that’s certifiable, and indeed there were many certifiables there too (lol)! But there was something genuine about it that’s been taken out now, most assuredly.

And moreover not only that, but undoubtedly won’t ever be returning anymore! We can be sure that the Google overlords/uber-masters over Youtube will make certain on that score! On that score we can be certain, and even wager — time and time again — and win; even as if we were the finest gamblers ever to be struck by Lady Luck, and the power of her ken!