Personally, I think the right are more go along get along, and/or willing to follow a stern and authoritarian leader than the left. Leftist revolutions — after having periods of great agency/possibility for a wide range of people have kangaroo courted, and then executed freethinkers/free spirits into prison cells or out of existence (or worse), for sure. And then I think once an authoritarian left state takes hold, it’s not too long before a Stalinist or Stalinist-esque existence can become the norm.

I think the statement about the Democratic Party — which isn’t at all leftist, is correct about folks on the left though. “I don’t belong to an organized political party. I’m a democrat.” Once a platform or tendency or approach — or what have you — has been “established” on the left, this is by no means the end all be all of the thing. You can see this even in the US Congress where the Republicans oft-times seem to be in lockstep, whilst the Democrats might be in a kind of kaleidoscopic “formation” holding their nose in support of a measure, or a “legislative win”. Although, since the rise of the Tea Party the Republicans have changed somewhat, for certainty. When that fight ends and kind of either corporatist capitalism, fascism, Christian Reconstructionism or right libertarianism wins, we may see them fall in line anon when the dominant strain of the party becomes absolutely/unconditionally clear once again!