Not that I know anything about the show, other than the stars all seem to need a thorough shaving! And probably a hot bath (or shower) too! It looks about as bad as reality TV can get! Who put a mic in front of this guy and thought he would say anything differently? The guy essentially hit the lottery with the reality show. He doesn’t look like a spring chicken to me, or he’d probably be pining for the day that he could get his “entitlements”, if someone hadn’t thought his slovenly appearance and lifestyle would make prosperous trash/train wreck TV! You know, that “wholesome” family entertainment that groups like the Parents Television Council are always making such a flurry about!

The right is now rallying around this doltish speaking modern day Grizzly Adams, waxing about the importance, the propriety and indeed the prudentiality of free speech! But his employer (A&E) doesn’t have to comport with any of that. Since when have right-wing Federalist Society judges ever voted in favor, of an employee’s right to his or her freedom of speech?