I had read this piece in Deutsche Welle at the time of the printing of the article, but I have not seen too many headlines on this issue. And moreover, I have not really seen this issue, very much, being brought to the forefront. The lily-livered, egregious, and potentially bringing to cliff of WWIII fabrications by the Obama ignoble clique IMHO really should have been highlighted more prominently in the US MSM — and the wider Western media as well, of course, too! That charisma, charm, golden tongue, and overall slickness of Barky Obama, though, I guess has just — simply — struck/won the day again!

Obama Secretary of State John Kerry had stated on September 3rd, 2013, “We are certain that none of the opposition has the weapons or capacity to effect a strike of this scale, particularly from the heart of regime territory.” After two abysmally failed conflicts (Iraq and Afghanistan), in which thousands of US soldiers have purposelessly died. (Not to mention hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and tens of thousands of Afghans in said conflicts.) A third farcical war is just “the drug” apparently, that America needs to alleviate us of this Great Recession! Well, as I said I had read the Deutsche Welle piece at the time of its printing, and the key/integral information; that was presented by the article, was that the rockets that were allegedly fired from regime controlled areas, did not actually have the range to reach any of their targets! A conclusion that was backed up by a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the authors of which had anticipated the authentication of the Obama clique/regime claims!) and a UN weapons inspector named Ake Sellstrom too.

And so thanks perhaps only to a slip of the tongue by Secretary of State and Skull and Bonesman Kerry — that Syria would have to rid itself of all of its chemical weapons for the empire to even contemplate deescalation/a deescalation — that shot the “liberal” warhawks in the foot! And indeed, quite remarkably saved humanity, and moreover particularly Arab/Muslim people who seem to be a favored target, for devastation, of  the Western elite power brokers/ravenous thugs! Peace reigned the day, in lieu of warmongering, and Bushian/Goebbelsian propaganda was stripped of its power/authority by the reasonableness of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov — and additionally by the (still remaining Assad-led) Baathist Arab Republic of Syria as well.