I haven’t watched much RT America for a while. I recall Liz Wahl when I did watch. She didn’t sound too informed when I saw her on Lawrence O’Donnell last night. Which surprised me because based upon what I’d seen she was professional, and I didn’t think someone who would work for RT would have the views that she expressed on O’Donnell last night. (American exceptionalist stuff which IMHO is actually very dangerous.)

I caught her on another program earlier, in that interview she seemed to not want to criticize Abby Martin in any way. Then on Lawrence O’Donnell she seemed to be saying that Abby Martin has more freedom because the (overall) narrative of her program was the kind of thing that RT likes. Abby Martin’s show is not the kind of thing that the American mainstream media likes! Which she (Abby Martin) made clear on Piers Morgan. Piers claimed he had no knowledge that anything he’d said while on CNN had rankled ownership/management at all! Anyone who’s watched more than a few minutes of his show, I’m sure wasn’t surprised by that! We’re not exactly dealing with Jacob Riis, when we’re talking about Piers Morgan!

It’s clear to me typically when and where RT will not challenge its paymasters. It’s also pretty clear what the restraints of the US corporate media are! The point of media that is not government funded is that it’s not just supposed to go along with the foreign policy of the country where it’s based. On this score the American media operates as if it might as well be state-funded too!