In this interview with the Algerian Foreign Minister, Ramtaine Lamamra, here, IMHO this man comes across as a complete phony. Algeria has not been voting with Syria at the Arab League! In fact, this phony and his government have been voting with the anti-Syria Arab League members, as well as the eminently disagreeable Gulf Arabs!

I believe that Syria is even suspended from the Arab League at this point, which Algeria voted for: whilst Syria, Lebanon and Yemen did not, and Iraq abstained! When the West and the Saudis destabilize, and send the puppeted disgrace to Islam Salafi and Wahhabite fanatics and killers into Algeria, maybe then the Algerian government will learn that they should have stood with Baathist Syria! In lieu of, “going with the flow” of course, and knuckling under to the diktats of the Western neocolonial powers as well as the disreputable, benighted and antediluvian Gulf Arabs! The overall stratagem in Syria is unequivocally one that is seeking, to morph it into a Western proxy, or enervate it with infighting — for a great extent of time, if not in perpetuity. This is what an idle and, in fact, complicit Algeria — with outside meddling powers/forces in Syria (whether by commission or omission) — is facilitating by doing nothing/laying on its hands.