Theists thinking that God is on their side is definitely a strange one. I was raised Christian, and so I would think then that God is on the side of the most pious. Although he loves everyone — even the most sinful, so God is actually on everyone’s side in a sense then, I guess. (According to the Christian mythos at least, which I’m certainly not at all a believer in.)

It reminds me of God bless America though, which I’ve always thought is pretty darn presumptuous of all — or at least most Americans who happen to believe in it. Jesus was of course referred to as the Prince of Peace, and therefore I think that Americans are far too warlike to be his most prized/beloved/trusted persons. Jesus I’d think would be more a greater fan of a neutral country, or in fact one that doesn’t have a military at all such as Costa Rica! Not much of cold warrior, I think, Jesus would have made. In truth, he more than likely would have been accused of being a defeatist, a “cut and runner”, or even a pinko, a nancy boy, or a full-blown communist Judas (ironically) or Benedict Arnold-type. And furthermore, America’s intransigent/hellbent pursuit (at all costs) for global hegemony; I certainly do not see as part and parcel, at all, of Jesus’s agenda either. And so how Jesus is in step with Americans and their leadership, I just don’t see how that can be — after considering all of the facts — that it is even something that is considered to be conceivable plausibly.