You kind of have to read American/Western media articles on Venezuela the way Russians had to read Pravda in the old Soviet Union. You pretty much have to read between the lines, and pick up tidbits that don’t seem to jive with the overall narrative of the reportage er indoctrination(?). Also I’ve found it interesting for some time that such a bright light in the MSM is put on places like Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, et cetera, and yet numerous friendly governments (in Latin America but also in many other places such as the Gulf Arab totalitarian monarchies of the Middle East) have many of the same, if not worse, practices that the West alleges about the aforementioned Latin American states. However, we just don’t seem to see the same hue and cry about Paraguay, or Colombia or Honduras — places such as that, which are allied with the US. And this also gives our press and State Department little credibility IMHO. Of course, I’m for all the things that go along with the democratic ideal, but outside of the West there aren’t many nations in the world that have them. A lot of nations hold elections, but are very authoritarian, and of course the US State Department considers them much better than countries that hold no elections at all (which dozens of countries do not [hold elections] that are US allies).

I don’t excuse any country for not being an ideal bastion of human rights and democracy, but by this standard I’m not sure — that any country period in the world — meets it to complete and total fruition. And so, it’s fine I guess for the West to go around holier than thou — and many Western countries are certainly better on a wide number of fronts than non-Western ones, but at the same time they also have many blemishes too. And in this holier than thou and arrogant proudness the hypocrisy of who appointed these handful of countries to be (international) lord certainly rings clear! Everyone (country) is essentially already “going with the flow”, of course, but in many cases the West acts as if it has been a model citizen for so long.

The ultimate solution to a just international order, I must admit that I don’t have all the answers for. It involves the Western nations clearing up their processes at home to nearer meet the absolute best principles/ideals of democracy, and it also involves I think for the West not to ally with nations such as the Gulf monarchies that have little to nothing in common with Western values. And furthermore, I think that the nations that have been proclaimed the so-called rogue ones cannot be positioned there solely for being independent of the Western sphere of influence. And so its only by starting from these basic precepts that can the West gain any credence/credibility/currency, I think, with many of us in the world who find the West’s rhetoric and hypocritical henpecking of “subaltern” nation-states to be laughable at best, and even sinful or a deep and harmful crime/malefaction at the absolute worst and most severe.