Do we have a dictator in America when we ponder Barack H. Obama? Well, he has thrown out the Constitution when it comes to war and civil liberties! Also he tortured Bradley Manning, the NSA is now an American Stasi (started under Bush), and he has retained the US concentration camp Guantanamo Bay. Once again started under Bush, and most of the crimes against humanity there were perpetrated under George W. Bush; however, I believe that some — if not many — are still going on there, although the media has lost all interest in the goings on at that place. The airport pat downs and body scanners are also questionable in their constitutional legitimacy, another practice brought in under the previous cabal/administration, but continued on under the Obama group.

Obama has also killed two American citizens with no due process Anwar Al-Awlaki, who many said was working with the CIA, as well as unconscionably his sixteen year old son (Abdulrahman). Additionally, Obama also campaigned that he was going to have one of the most transparent governments ever, and in fact he has had one of the least of them! Moreover, Obama has led an unprecedented war against whistleblowers, by using an antiquated WWI law, the Espionage Act, a record six times to prosecute government officials suspected of leaking classified information. In this he has, of course, once again shown his true iron-fisted/authoritarian colors! Indeed I even have to wonder if the Palmer Raids may be coming again for outspoken and “subversive” Americans any day soon now?! Perhaps, akin to the way that Obama “wiped the streets clean” in using a “firm hand” in callously and indelicately dispersing Occupy Wall Street! Another dictatorial move/machination against one of the utmost American of rights, that being, of course, the freedom to assemble! And something that the US State Department even readily lambasts (innumerable) foreign governments for acting in disrespect of!

Obama talks about the rule of law and he even lectures other countries on it (international law among other things), the man spent time as a constitutional professor/scholar! I don’t think that he’s read it (the Constitution), this quasi-dictator/authoritarian ruler that we have in Amerika called Barack Obama! Just as George Bush said, “If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.” Barack H. Obama the 44th American “President” would certainly appear, in a man that there was such great hope in — so sadly, to have many of those same megalomaniac and even regal/royalistic tendencies coursing through his veins, though, as well also.