Rand Paul has certainly received his fair share of ink since entering the United States Senate. And his impending run for the presidency will no doubt make that ink puddle akin to a flurry much like some of the largest political wastes of carbon black ever envisioned before. However, one specific critical action of Paul’s has not been brought enough out of the shadows for certain, and, in fact, into the forefront for sure. And it is that in the midst of Dr. Paul’s initial running/campaign for the United States Senate that he met with three hardened neoconservative uber-militarist and indeed sociopathic — if not psychopathic — warmongering jackals (Bill Kristol, Dan Senor and Tom Donelly). And moreover, he also had a coffee klatch of sorts, if you will, with another ignominious powerful lobbying force/group — and that of course being the Israeli one. It’s reminiscent of when father Paul campaigned in favor of moving Israel’s capital to Jerusalem, something that is illegal under international law, and an impossible move for Arabs/Palestinians to willingly take, and something that furthermore would be a virtual impenetrable obstacle to ever finding a permanent, acceptable, lasting, and non-wavering Middle Eastern peace.

Meetings by Senator Paul with these insidious as well as dubious, meta-villainous jackals certainly does not augur well for his purported ideology of a non-interventionist foreign policy worldview — something that would have the neoconservatives literally in infantile hysterics (a sitting American president that claims hold to such a view), not that it takes very much to achieve the aforementioned result with that particular bedwetting, thumb-sucking and ultra-juvenile mentally arrested crowd — and also Paul’s dictum of ending foreign aid to all nations (including Israel). In other words getting Israel off the US taxpayer dole, who are literally placed over a barrel, by the out-of-touch oligarchical Washington political power elite of mostly gated community dwelling 1% deep-pocketed vultures. They (US taxpayers) pay nearly one quarter of the state of Israel’s military budget — nonsensically, for the planet’s twenty-seventh wealthiest nation that exists in the world! But the so-called representatives in Washington pledge fealty to the state of Israel, as part and parcel of what it means to serve in the “people’s congress”. In 2012, former IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, even stated that over a three year span/period that John and Jane (American) Q. Public paid more for the Israeli military; in total, as compared to what the Zionist state’s own taxpayers did.

Simply meeting behind closed doors with groups — that on their face would be antagonistic to Dr. Paul — certainly does not equate to a smoking gun of the casting away of all (or at least many) of his purportedly long held positions/beliefs. It should come as no surprise to anyone although; however, that such meetings might not even have occurred had Paul not extended a hand, or at least told these parties that he’d be meeting in good faith with them: whilst breaking bread. And furthermore, we have certainly not seen the Israel lobby, nor the neoconservative crackpot milieu coming out of the woodwork much, to make attacks as well as impugnations upon our “good” Senator/Dr. Paul. Perhaps they are simply keeping their powder dry in hopes of blocking a potential Rand Paul presidency — should the precipice of that “hateful” day ever arrive/come — but based upon what we do know already, it’s probably just as equally as likely; that Paul gave these murderous and malicious groups, some sweet nothings and other assurances that they’d like to hear, in fact, when he did meet with them.

Assurances, of course, in order to assuage their instinctual/knee-jerk fears and trepidations that he’s not the man they initially thought that he was. Indeed, he probably even gave them internal constitution settling assurances — akin to a tonic, a salve, or even an elixir maybe (and how very apropos for him considering that Senator Paul is one of only two of the United States Senate’s trained medical doctors!) — that should he ascend to the high office of the presidency that he’ll be someone that they can “do business with”, and moreover not someone that should send them into pangs of histrionics like the frightened little school girls, deep down, of the mental and psychological level that these scoundrels/cretins/rapscallions unequivocally are! For Paul’s piety to ludicrous (and verily even lunatic) — never before really been historically tested, right-wing libertarian ideals I think that these meetings augur extraordinarily poorly, for the masses of dupes that the “Paul machine”, and right-libertarian short wave survivalist and nativist radio milieu has sucked/suckered into the Rand Paul personality cult/motley grouping.

The right-libertarian social engineering and in fact social experiment/experimentation, which the right likes to tar so many progressive left-wing initiatives, proposals, and goals erroneously with — with little reason to doubt — will unequivocally be extraordinarily stymied by the neoconservative Machiavellian agglomeration and lobby, as well as other foreign war (as well Israel) before America folks! Folks who will make a Rand Paul presidency one, where the works are gummed up on a great many of his favored pet initiatives, schemes and proposals. Unless, of course, that he casts aside the “unrealistic idealism” of ending foreign wars of choice for hegemony, and having many of America’s greatest sons and daughters die for some oft-Ivy League created, ego-inflated, and detestably scheming Strangelovian, Zionist, and livy-livered eggheads! Who make themselves feel adequate, as opposed to being impotent, by dreaming up more and more senseless and unnecessary bloodbaths, infernos, slaughters, and unconscionable discretionary conflicts and wars. And moreover, these invertebrate, cowardly, and limp-wristed yet contradistinctively pugilistic eggheads, in fact, also never don any sort of uniform either by the way, barring, of course, if any of these bloodthirsty and autistically war-riddled Zionist, .01% plutocrat, and military-industrial complex funded inside the Beltway “think”-tanks have some kind of Sturmabteilung-like outfits that is!

But in summation and in returning to the central issue on the potential kneecapping/hamstringing of the portended right-libertarian/libertine President (and now Senator) Dr. Paul; Paul will also, most assuredly, have to drop his “ultra-idealism” of ending all foreign aid to one particular more than capable financially, and indeed nuclear armed nation-state. A nation-state that should rightly be capable of standing on its own two feet, or, in fact, face the consequences of having to ”ante up” and to accept reality, and ultimately join the dustbin of history, if it is not capable of its own (autonomous) perpetuation from within.