It seems that “our eminence” the lordly George “vulture capital financier” Soros was interviewed recently by the New York Review of Books. He has undeniably deigned to do so to enlighten us mere mortals with his ingenious musings, worthy extrapolations, rightful theories and winsome thoughts. The wiles of this old decrepit and furthermore repulsive — near fossilized/petrified — cretin/creature, oh they are charming; for certain, and how far does one go indeed, to enjoy them beyond belief?!

If one does read the interview although; however, I think that it’s pretty clear that he’s extremely happy that Putin’s Eurasian Union won’t be happening. Well, it doesn’t seem Ukraine will be a part of it at this point that’s for sure. And that’s certainly got to be a victory for the old velociraptor. And a few stories that he could spin indeed about the Mesozoic era no doubt, one would think, also! He’s probably quite capable, in fact, of sending folks into literal seizures of laughter, as well as pangs of hysterics/histrionics, about those old “near” and dear jolly old times!

It’s also clear, that from a perusal of the interview, that the card-carrying globalist is irked by national solutions. And moreover, he’s also very bothered that both the US and EU, are distracted by their own internal situations — and altogether oh so far very too much! Undeniably, he gets his kicks off of destabilizing nations in addition to “flipping governments” lol so to speak, I guess (certainly the two are often intertwined/interrelated). It’s his pride and joy, much like these folks who appear on reality television shows in regards to houses, and making renovations to houses. And whilst we all know that there are many problems with both the American government and European governments being appropriately responsive/responsible to their own people; I’m positive that Soros wants them more involved with his “schtick”, for certain. And not that mundane “balderdash” and that “hooey”, in fact, of actually representing the people that legislators were sent there (to Congress and the various parliaments) by for legitimate, appropriate, apt, and dare I say even noble public service!