I hate advertising, haha. But I do think; however, that a uniquely clever and enjoyable ad is a pretty remarkable thing, though. And that is my interest in posting this:

McAfee is like a a move villain or something, he doesn’t exactly give off the aura of a peace angel or anything like that. I find him to be an interesting guy for some strange reason though. Indeed, in a recent Alex Jones interview he recounted a story to Alex, where police accompanied a garbage truck that came to his home — not on garbage day, where presumably that this was a hit attempt on him. McAfee seemed to believe these were real cops, and not just guys in uniforms. Well, I’m just thinking now, as I recall, there was a patrol car in this story, it’s easy to dress up in a cop uniform I’d think, but to find a patrol car — for non-cops — I’d think that’s a much harder thing to do. This not being anything close at all to my “racket” I’m clearly; of course, wholly, utterly and entirely out of my depth here.

I’m not sure who is after him one of his claims is Belize is selling passports to just about anyone who wants them. I think the idea there is that someone with Belizian citizenship may be able to get into the US easier, than say if they have Lebanese citizenship — Hezbollah is one of the groups that he’s saying may be using this system. (Also according to McAfee’s story individuals with non-Anglo names are receiving passports with names like George Smith and Thomas Jones.) This is what I conclude about who he thinks wants to put a hit out on him, because he’s also said that the Belizian Soccer Team, for the first time ever, came to Oregon when he was living there not long after his troubles in Belize and Central America and his return to (North) America. According to McAfee these footballers (what it’s [soccer] called in the rest of the world), are nothing more than a bunch of weekend warriors. The chances relating to them coming up to Oregon — and not long after he’s only just moved there, amount to essentially a Hobson’s choice of slim and none.

I’m not sure where McAfee resides now. I don’t know if he is “out there with it”. When he lived in Oregon (I think the Portland area), he was open — to the rest of the world, that he was in fact residing there. This quirky, mercurial and yet even slightly dark computer genius/aficionado John McAfee occupies a strange, wacky, and seemingly wild world (certainly to average Jane or Joe) indeed.