Those who are soft on anti-Semitism are just as bad as those who are soft on fascism in my opinion. In fact, any student of history knows how often the two have been connected. I’m a critic of Israel and Zionism certainly by the way. The Jewish religion and Jewish people I’m not a critic of, however. I’m prepared to defend anything I have ever opined about Israel or Zionism as fair debate (in the realm of what should be the acceptable political discourse). I don’t see a Jewish conspiracy controlling this planet. And quite frankly, I think that those who do should be rightly, and properly fitted for a straight-jacket or in fact quite possibly a padded room! Why some so-called progressives work with sites such as Veterans Today or The Jeff Rense Show — I must say I don’t care to waste my time monitoring these outlets assiduously day by day, they have certainly printed anti-Semitic hate (more than once) before in the past Rense hosts the former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke on his radio network, as well as the founder of the Stormfront white supremacist Internet forum Don Black on his radio network too — that spew anti-Semitic bosh and tripe, it truly beggars belief/boggles my mind how any such individuals can call themselves progressives at all!

I could name names certainly, but I definitely don’t want to turn this into some kind of quasi-form of McCarthyism. And so instead, I’ll simply leave readers with the question of which I have chosen to title this article; the conspiracy of the Jewish cabal that controls the world, the most lunatic of conspiracy theories (that exists out there) of them all?!

I should say that I am not one of “that crowd” who knee-jerk/reflexively ridicules conspiracy theories. Like just about any subject matter there are very learned and rational people proffering opinion(s) and thoughts within a particular intellectual sphere or realm, and there are very deluded, angry, disturbed and perhaps even mentally deranged people proposing things as well.