It seems to me that grazing cooperatively/communally on federal land is a socialist policy. It’s interesting to see the right — even far right — all worked up into a tizzy defending socialism. Not many of them understand, I’d wager, that what they are defending is socialism though.

There are fees to graze from what I gather, and Bundy hasn’t paid them in years. (He says he hasn’t paid over $300,000 the government is saying over $1 million.) It’s still socialist because it’s not like a private corporation is overseeing the grazing but the state. Bundy’s adding a twist to the whole thing in saying — that the land in question, should actually be Nevada’s land (I don’t understand if he recognizes the US federal government at all the same government and flag that how many of our young people have fought [many with great patriotism/pride] died and been maimed in wars for?). Peter Schiff’s father is in prison for this kind of tack, I think. One might be able to research laws and find holes in them, but these folks seem to rarely win in court against the government. I personally think that this strategy/approach is extremely unwise, and moreover it inevitably catches up with just about everyone who tries!

War tax resistance is one of the most successful of these types of strategies, I think. Although, I can’t really say that I follow what happens to many — really any of them, if any of them end up in prison or not.